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Use of Therapeutic Inhaled Essential Oils (TIEO) for the Healthcare Setting

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About TIEO

As the saying goes, what is old is new again, and nothing could be truer for essential oil therapy. For several thousand years, in many places on earth, plant based therapies had a leading role in health and wellbeing, but with the advent of conventional medical technology and chemically derived drugs, natural remedies such as essential oils were left behind.

Fortunately, the balance is returning. Conventional healthcare has once again rediscovered the benefits of natural healing modalities. 

This includes the use of inhaled essential oil vapor, which is being increasingly utilized in hospitals, surgery centers, hospices and chemotherapy centers as a safe, effective method for managing nausea and anxiety.

Therapeutic inhaled essential oil therapy, or TIEO (pronounced Tie-Oh), is a designated independent nursing intervention that not only decreases patient discomfort; it also increases satisfaction with their care.

The purpose of this course is to provide registered nurses with current, evidence-based knowledge, clinical skills, and professional accountability standards, to safely and confidently utilize TIEO therapy with their patients. Upon successful completion, course participants will obtain documentation from an ANCC –accredited skill competency program, validating their knowledge, proficiency and safety with the use of therapeutic inhaled essential oils in the healthcare setting.

Soothing Scents Inc. is the maker of QueaseEASE, an essential oil blend, created for use in hospitals, clinics and surgery centers. Developed by a nurse anesthetist searching for a rapid, self- administered remedy for post-operative nausea, QueaseEASE combines a science driven essential oil blend with a specially designed delivery system, possessing the safety and precision required for patient use. Because there are no other products currently available for use in the healthcare setting that meet these required safety standards, this presentation will focus exclusively on the use of QueaseEASE.

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Our TIEO course is accredited with the ANCC.


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